Dianna Snape

For over a decade Dianna Snape has been getting up earlier than the sun, travelling hundreds of miles to unfamiliar places and lugging around ridiculously heavy equipment. All in pursuit of one thing – great photography.

Hard working and refreshingly candid, Dianna brings a smart approach to all that she does and every photo she takes. And the hard work is paying off. Artichoke, Inside, Frame, Monument, Indesign and other top magazines around the world have chosen Dianna's work for their glossy pages. The critics agree too. They've voted Dianna in Capture Magazine's 'Top 10 Architectural Photographers in Australia' for 2009 and 2010.

When she's not travelling on assignment (or for inspiration), you can find Dianna and her team in her loft studio in St Kilda, Melbourne, where they work tirelessly crafting and optimising images to the highest professional standard.

And yes, she probably has to get up early tomorrow.